How to connect a Maemo-device (Nokia 770, N800, N810) with the help of vpnc to a Cisco VPN

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vpnc-gui is a frontend to connect to Cisco-VPNs with the help of vpnc.


Please use the Install-Buttons from maemo.org to start the installation:

OS2006 (Gregale)

OS2008 (Chinook, Diablo)


All that you need to do is to fill out the self-explaining configuration mask or use the even more comfortable PCF-import button. After that vpnc can easily be started and stopped without the need of a terminal application.


A note for developers: Due to the fact that there were several requests for the source-code, I allow anonymous read-access to the SVN-repository: https://svn.scriptkiller.de/vpnc-gui/trunk/ (CACert.org signed certificate)


Please send a mail if you encounter problems concerning the maemo-port (please do not ask generic vpnc questions as they will be silently ignored).

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